Map Your Content Out for the Next 90 days!

If you want content that converts on autopilot ...without getting stuck or overwhelmed and you want a system that's prebuilt, that you just need to plug and chug (and at an amazing bargain), this course is for you.


Here's what you're getting getting with Map Your Content and how it can help you NOW.


  • A Plug & Chug System

    This is plug and chug a system that is organized and intuitive for you to jump into with just a little bit of guidance. Then you can get started immediately creating your content in advance in a way that maximizes your time and empowers you to be able to bring in outside help in the form of transcribers, video editors, or virtual assistants to make your content go further faster. 

  • The Decision Matrix

    I'm going to show you how to select your best, most profitable ideas for content using my Decision Matrix. Then I'll show you how to create core pieces of content quickly and strategically should you want to get more out of the piece of content down the road.

  • Strategies That Will KNOCK OUT Content Creation Overwhelm

    I'll show you 3 powerful and specific ways to maximize your time during this often time-consuming process of content creation so you can focus on the tasks in your business that only YOU can do instead of copy-paste actions anyone can do.


I know you are going to love those systems and strategies from the course alone but I want to throw in the Passive Income Sales Funnel to show you JUST HOW POWERFUL using these strategies can be for creating intentional and profitable content in advance. 


And if you follow these steps, you can make back this investment with one profitable piece of content. This knowledge will pay for itself!




    I know this stuff is powerful. But don't take my word for it!



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